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Human Resource Management Profession.

Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) will assist you build a career in Human Resource Management. Career in Human Resource Management is one of the fastest growing professions in the world and in Papua New Guinea.

PNGHRI has programs from Diploma to Masters Degree with University of Papua New Guinea and is considering PhD scholarships in the near future in partnerships with other universities and both PNG and overseas. Average pay of Human Resource Management is K100,000.00 per year.

PNG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI)  Advance Diploma Human Resource Management Program.

The Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute will be offering the Advance Program in Human Resource Management as part of its initiative to develop a stream of Human Resource Management talent pool for the Human Resource workforce in Papua New Guinea. This program compliments existing Degree and Masters programs already offered in partnership with University of Papua New Guinea.

This program is offered for Grade 12 School Leavers based only in Port Moresby who have completed secondary school education in the last few years.

PNGHRI Advance Diploma in HRM Program Structure

Certificate In Human Resource Management (20 Weeks)

Term 1 (10 weeks)

Term 2 (10 weeks)

Advance Certificate in Human Resource Management (20 weeks)

Term 3 (10 weeks)

Term 4 (10 Weeks)

Diploma in Human Resource Management (20 weeks)

Term 5 (10 weeks)

Term 6 (10 Weeks)

Term 7 (10 weeks)

Week 8 (10 weeks)

Program Eligibility

Options for Applicants Currently Working

After hours Diploma Programs for Grade 10 (5 years experience) and Grade 12 Leavers with work experience (or currently working).

Program Duration

Program duration is 2 years or 80 weeks. There are 4 sub programs of 4 terms. Each term is 10 weeks long.

Professional Recognition

Professional Membership with the PNG Human Resource Management Institute. Classification starts at student member and advance to affiliate membership level.

Future Qualification Pathways

Pathway leading to Bachelor of Business Management Degree in Human Resource Management with University of Papua New Guinea and Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. PhD Scholarships to be introduced in due course.

About PNG  Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI)

PNG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) is an incorporated Professional Association. It does not operate to make profit nor pay dividend.

PHG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) is an affiliate of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Managers and the World Federation of People Managers. PNGHRI is a non-profit, Non-government peak professional association, committed to professional excellence. Owned and run by members.


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